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CubeCart Version 3 Documentation - CubeCart v3

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CubeCart v3

Recent additions:
  • Thumbnails Explained 2010.06.10 CubeCart Thumbnails Explained
  • style.css 2007.06.20 Controls the elements within the template.
  • layout.css 2007.06.20 Controls the layout of the templates.
  • popup.css 2007.06.20 Controls the layout and styles of the additional images template.
  • prodImages.tpl 2007.06.20 Additional image popup template.
  • No Products in Category 2007.06.17 Removing the 'There are no products in this category' message when the category is empty of products.
  • Latest Product 'Buy' Buttons 2007.06.17 Adding 'Add' and 'More' buttons to the Latest Products.
  • Skin Stylesheets 2007.06.15 The stylesheets add the styling to the templates, and therefore the look and feel of the store.
  • overWeight.tpl 2007.06.14 overWeight template.
  • noShip.tpl 2007.06.14 No shipping available template.

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